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Pre-Licensing Online Course [More Information]

This is a 20-hour Pre-Licensing Course approved by the Maryland Insurance Administration. This course is designed to adequately prepare you for the examination. After passing successfully, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (valid for one year) qualifying you to take the state Title Insurance Producer licensing examination. The exam must be taken within one year of course completion.

The course is structured as 20 hours of Independent Study. To obtain a Certificate of Completion, you must successfully complete the independent study. The course includes History of Title Insurance, The Title Insurance Policy, Title Agents and Settlement, and Introduction to General Insurance. The course includes ten sections of all the materials and sample exams.

Ethics: 3 Credit Hour Online Class

Title insurance professionals are confronted every day by difficult decisions. It is important to make vital decisions in this industry. This online class is an introduction to ethics, specifically the title industry. Ethical standards are discussed, as well as examples you may face in your day to day operations. [Sample Material][Sample Quiz]

Enhanced Policies: 1 Credit Hour Online Class

Find out what the real differences are between a standard owner's policy and the enhanced owner's policy. Why should your clients pay an extra premium, is it really worth it? This online class is designed to examine the additional coverages in the enhanced policy so that you are better prepared to explain them at the settlement table. There is a quiz at the end, so come prepared! [Sample Material][Sample Quiz]

Surveys: 1 Credit Hour Online Class

This online class is a great overview of all things survey. It covers location drawings, boundary surveys and ALTA/ASCM surveys. It tackles such topics as "Why are surveys needed in real estate settlement transactions?" as well as how to read a survey and what to look for as you review. We round out the class with a discussion about survey coverage for lenders and the survey endorsements available from your underwriter. Of course, there's a short quiz at the end. [Sample Material][Sample Quiz]

Short Sales: 1 Credit Hour Online Class

This class gives an overview of a short sale transaction given that they have become so prevalent in today's society. It is imperative for title professionals to be aware of the rules associated with these complicated transactions. It is also important to understand the pros and cons for lenders, sellers and buyers, and most importantly, the transaction from your viewpoint, the title agent.

The HUD-1 Settlement Statement: 1 Credit Hour Online Class

Ever wonder why the HUD-1 is designed like it is? Having trouble explaining this document at the settlement table? This online class dissects the settlement statement thoroughly. Read over the sections in any order you choose. Make sure you pay close attention, though; there is a quiz at the end! [Sample Material][Sample Quiz]

The History of Title Insurance: 2 Credit Hour Online Class

Do you ever wonder why the title insurance industry works the way it does? Explore our roots by taking this online course and delve into our feudal past. Does ground rent sound archaic? That's because it is! Discover how some of our most basic rules came into existence with this intriguing class.

On-site classes

Description of Classes

Each 2 hour class taught includes two 50 minute segments with a 10 minute break and is worth 2 C.E. credits.

Maryland Pre-Licensing Classroom Course

The Maryland Pre-Licensing Classroom Course is a 20 hour pre-licensing course approved by the Maryland Insurance Administration. The course includes one full day of instruction by a title insurance professional with 18 years of hands-on title experience. The course is structured as 8 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours of independent study. All sections of the required coursework will be taught during the classroom instruction.

Commitment/Policy Preparation

In this class, we define the commitment and policy and describe each part of the document, including requirements, exceptions and endorsements. We also examine the policy options available today, including the enhanced owner’s and loan policies.


Is there a difference between a judgment and a lien and just what is that difference? We talk about several different types of each and go farther by applying what is learned to real life scenarios that you deal with every day. This is a very interactive and engaging class!

Pre/Post Closing Issues

Do you have to report unclaimed property? If so, when, and more importantly, how? Can you rerecord a purchase money deed of trust without a penalty? And… how do you get that release from that last lender??? All of these and more are answered in this class. We focus on ten pre-closing issues and ten post-closing issues and solve these mind boggling questions.

Pre/Post Closing Issues: The Sequel

It’s back!!! A sequel to the popular class, we tackle even more pre and post-closing issues. There are always issues, aren’t there?

The New RESPA Rules

The Good Faith Estimate and the HUD-1 Settlement Statement are changing as of January 1, 2010. Are you ready? This workshop is an instruction manual for both of the revised forms. We will take you through both the GFE and the HUD-1 so that you know what to expect for 2010. Several items have changed on both of the forms, make sure you are aware of the Final Rule!