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Pre-Licensing Online Course

The Maryland Pre-Licensing Title Course is designed to be 30 hours of study time as required by the State of Maryland.  The class is self-study and can be ordered at any time.  Once an order is placed, the course will be emailed in a PDF format consisting of 11 sections, including:

Introduction to General Insurance   [sample material]
History of Title Insurance
Real Estate Ownership
Rights and Interests
Surveys and Legal Descriptions
Commitments and ICS Letters
Title Insurance Policies
Title Insurance Premiums
The Relationship of Parties at Settlement
Maryland Regulations
State Sample Exam

Once the license candidate has completed the pre-licensing course, he or she will be registered with PSI, which usually takes about one business day.  Once the individual is registered, then he or she can schedule the State of Maryland exam. Click here to download and review the PSI Candidate Handbook

If you would like to order, you may do in two convenient ways.  First, you may pay online through PayPal.  Click on "Order", fill out the registration form, choose the Pre-Licensing Course and then click on the PayPal icon.  I also take checks, please call or email at 443-474-2620 or jlm@titletrainer.net for further details.